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Content creation is key to any businesses' social media, especially in this digital age. This service is ideal for brands who want content that is unique to their identity, engaging, and visually appealing, but don’t know where, or how to start.

Payment plans are available for this service.

the essentials package

  • UGC-style images

  • UGC-style, short-form videos

  • Raw Files (additional charges apply)

  • Studio shooting (additional charges apply)


the VIP package

Do you need a huge batch of content for your brand on social media? Do you have a special day coming up for your business and want all moments captured? The VIP package is a content day dedicated to you, at a studio or location of your choice, where high-quality images and b-roll videos will be created for you.

  • Content creation - utilising both digital camera and iPhone.

  • Hundreds of content delivered

  • Studio shooting (additional charges apply)

UK based only - Additional costs apply for any travel arrangements.

interested? get in touch.

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